Moon over St Luke’s

an homage to reclusive Exmoor artist Hope Bourne 1918-2010

Slipping quietly out of St Luke’s
into a night still fused with light
moon full to bursting
air rich with the scent of ramsons
I sense I’ve entered another land
not strange or foreboding
more an unexplored friend

This ‘newness of place’
wild and familiar
touches deep a hidden coil
memories dormant slowly unfurl
the smell of burnt earth
reveals a yearning
to renew old ways

I walk home slowly
mindful of Hope Bourne’s story
her creative freedom casts a spell
pastel images of untamed land
sweet with heather and gorsey dew
blood on the grass
hounds on the hill

I wend my way along a hollow lane
deep in the shadow of ancient hills
water trickling through stone and clay
beguiling and constant
like a long lost friend
I walk and walk
till night becomes day

©  saffron summerfield